Vivianne's Story (Lymphedema)

Posted on 09/04/2014

Adopt Special Needs: Family StoriesIn 2008 Vivianne was initially diagnosed with a congenital in-step tumor in her left foot. Her foot and toes were both swollen and hard to the touch. The next year Vivianne was adopted and brought home to the United States. At her initial medical examination, her physician stated that she had congenital lymphedema, not a tumor. From there she was seen by a pediatric orthopedist, dermatologist, and lymphedema therapist. Her therapist taught me how to massage and bandage her foot to provide compression to move the fluid away from her foot to the lymph nodes. Over the last seven months, the swelling in her foot has decreased considerably. It has also gotten quite a bit softer, and you can see some bone and muscle definition.

Vivianne is a very inquisitive two-year-old... walking, running, and climbing stairs. Her lymphedema does not hinder her in any way. She is a joyous child who is full of life. She is very active and on target developmentally.

Adopt Special Needs: Family Stories