(Club Feet, Hip Dysplasia, Failure to Thrive)

Posted on 09/18/2014

Adopt Special Needs: Family StoriesWe adopted our daughter in January 2014 at two years old. She had bilateral club feet, hip dysplasia, and was described as being extremely "undergrown" (in American terms, failure to thrive). She has been home now for six months and has thrived; she has gained weight, grown taller, and has a smile that will light up your world. It was a love for children, and a firm belief on both my husbands part and mine that all children should have a loving family that led us to adopt. We were open to many needs.

Orthopedic was one group that for our family we felt was a very easy need to take on. Our daughter's club feet have been cast twice and at night she wears braces. She will soon be put into a body cast for 12 weeks to correct her hips. In all honesty the most difficult part is the casts as she is a energetic two-year old-who wants to be mobile; it takes patience and lots creative games and activities.

We had excellent medical advice before we adopted our daughter, but adoption is scary and it has a lot of unknowns. I wish I had known how little this "need" would affect our lives. She has had the Ponsetti method of casting and then a brace at night to correct her feet. She will have surgery on her hips followed by a Spica cast. Good diet, additional supplements, and lots of love have corrected the malnourishment. We believe that it is our daughter who is special, not her need. There will be a surgery and casting but other than those small periods of time, she is just like any other two-year-old. She can walk, run, and play, and we give it little thought.

Adopt Special Needs: Family Stories